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About us

The Tomkor Trade & Production Enterprise has been created in 1991. Founder and the only owner is Mr Zbigniew Tomaszewski.

Since 1991 Tomkor is constantly growing. Now it supplies Polish farmers with high quality parts for machines and tractors such as: C-330, C-360, Zetor, U-912, MF, T-25. Important groups in our catalogue are: piston bolts, valve leaders and fuel outfits.

Heading the challenges of constantly changing market conditions and requirements of our cooperates from European Union, we`ve decided to incorporate Quality Management System based on ISO-9002 standard. The audit was made by German auditors company TÜV Türingen.

Our suppliers are companies, that are able to deliver products of highest quality.

Among our main customers You can find biggest distribution centers and storage houses in Poland, i.e.:


Constant quality and cost control make the Tomkors clients list longer every month.

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